Sunday, 18 January 2015

Unisex Slouchy Beanies

Although Summer seems to finally be in full swing here, I am from the northern hemisphere, so I am used to this time of year being cold! So here are two really quick and easy slouchy beanies, one is knitted and one is crochet.

I found this really cute pattern for a slouchy knitted beanie, and I had loads of leftover yarn from my cable throw, which I thought would be perfect for a hat. The pattern is quite vague and tells you to cast on the appropriate number of stitches for your yarn and needles to fit your head; I used chunky yarn on 8mm needles and cast on 52 stitches. It took me a few attempts to get the right size, but once I had it worked out the hat knit up really quickly and I finished it in one day.

Slouchy BeanieSlouchy Beanie

You can do the whole thing on circular needles because you draw up the end with over 20 stitches rather than reducing down really small. I really like the way the hat looks on, and I love that the pattern is so adaptable, you could easily keep going for a couple more/less inches if you want the hat to be more/less slouchy.

Slouchy BeanieSlouchy BeanieSlouchy Beanie

Next I found this slouchy crochet beanie pattern which is so short and simple I took it as one of my 'pick up and go' projects on my camping holiday. I searched through the worsted weight yarn in my stash and found a gorgeous deep turquoise colour; there was no wrapper on the yarn so I have no idea what the name of it was, but it is definitely acrylic.

I finished this hat in two short sittings, it is super quick and really easy. I did however have to make some amendments to the pattern towards the end because I found the rim too loose for the hat to sit comfortably on my head;

Round 18. *sc6, c2tog* rep * to end (63 sts)
Round 19. *sc5, c2tog* rep* to end (52 sts)
Round 20-25. sc each st (52 sts)

The fit is really comfy and the hat is really slouchy, almost like a beret or rastacap! I would probably choose a different colour if I had a male recipient in mind, but I don't think it is too girly so I will still class this as unisex.

The knitted hat is definitely more wintery and warm, but the crochet hat is a lot easier to make. Both are comfortable and functional as winter hats or just to style a particular look.

I had a third slouchy beanie I started, but I am waiting until I get my new dpns because it is just too fiddly trying to do it on circulars, so I will update you when I have finished that one.

Both of these hats can be found on my Ravelry project page.

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