Sunday, 22 March 2015

Alan the Lion

This week I crocheted Alan from Super-Cute Crochet (from this old post) but I used different yarn then the pattern suggested; a cool multicoloured acrylic for the body and a strange shaggy acrylic (find this yarn on my Ravelry page) for the mane.

Because of his little body and crazy big hairy head, he is really hard to photograph, so hopefully you get a good idea of what he looks like. If you have a look at the picture in the Super-Cute Crochet book, you can see his face looks pretty different to how mine turned out. Because I was making Alan for a one year old, I thought it would be a potential choking hazard to put on plastic eyes, so I just used scrap yarn to embroider his face. 

He is very cute and was very quick to crochet together, so I would recommend projects from this book for a quick easy gift, or just if you want a new stuffed toy friend!

I would also like to share this amazing card my hubby gave me for my birthday this week:

He even incorporated my fave knitting brand, what a cutie!


  1. So sweet of your boyfriend to make such a nice card, and happy belated birthday!
    And Alan is a cutie :)

  2. Thank you, yes he's such a sweetheart (Alan and the other half!)